Membership has it’s advantages.


The primary advantage is providing the network with the support it needs to continue and grow. Our membership is our reason for being: a network of individuals and organizations working together for the preservation of our historic resources.


Each member will receive The Chester County Ledger, our quarterly newsletter, information on annual preservation events around the county, and special invitations to the meetings, workshops, and picnics we sponsor. Members receive discounts at all CCHPN events.


As we expand, we will be able to provide more services and thus more benefits for our members.


Individual Membership – $20.00


Municipal Membership – $85.00

Available to municipalities with historical commissions and historical and architectural review boards. This annual payment allows each active member of the municipality’s historical commission or HARB to be a member.


Corporate Membership – $150.00

Available to any corporate body, for-profit or non-profit, to join the network. Your organization’s membership dues will help our ability to provide our services.


Benefactor Membership – $500.00

Available to any person or organization who wants to support the expansion and enhancement of our activities, raising the CCHPN up a notch.


General Donation – Any amount

We thankfully accept any donations you may make to support the CCHPN.


Please make all checks payable to the Chester County Historic Preservation Network.